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Fertility Connections Hawaii

                 Fertility Connections Hawaii (FCH) offers legal services for all aspects of surrogacy and donor agreements and post-birth legal work. We work closely with surrogacy agencies to help define the scope of the relationship between intended (prospective) parents and their designated surrogate.  We are also able to document agreements between anonymous and known egg and sperm donors and their recipients.

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                 FCH was founded by Hawaii attorney Caprice Itagaki in 2018.  She started her legal career practicing civil litigation and later transitioned her law practice to business (transactional) law. Coming from a family involved in the practice of medicine, Caprice began to see the need for legal representation in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology law (commonly referred to as “ART law”).  Before founding FCH, Caprice spent six years independently researching and studying the medical and technological advances in the area of reproductive medicine and the resulting legal effects on social views, modern-day interpretations of the family unit and the laws that apply to families in different states. She realized that as reproductive medicine and technology continued to advance, the laws that regulate the field could not keep up and there was a growing need for legal practitioners in the field.

                 Today, there are no federal laws regulating surrogacy in the United States and it is left to individual states to determine the legality and enforceability of surrogacy and donor agreements.  Surrogacy is currently practiced in 47 U.S. states and these state laws vary widely from one state to the next. Hawaii does not currently have any statutes or published case law which prohibit surrogacy, but this is expected to change as more states experience the legal implications of reproductive technology and realize the need for regulation.  FCH is one of the few law firms in the state of Hawaii specializing in ART and surrogacy law.

For an interactive map of surrogacy law across the United States, visit Creative Family Connections.

                 Caprice is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (“ASRM”) and its Legal Professionals Group, American Bar Association’s Section of Family Law (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), and the Hawaii State Bar Association.  She holds her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and her J.D. from The Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law. Caprice is a licensed to practice law in the State of Hawaii, the United States District Court for the State of Hawaii, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.  

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