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Our Services

Fertility Connections Hawaii (FCH) offers legal services for all aspects of surrogacy agreements and post-birth legal work. We work with surrogacy agencies to help define the scope of the relationship between intended (prospective) parents and their designated surrogate.  

FCH provides the following legal services:

Gestational Carrier Agreements

Drafting, negotiation, and finalization of the Gestational Carrier Agreement (the agreement for the Intended Parents and the Carrier)

Egg Donation, Sperm Donation, or Known Donor Agreements

Drafting, negotiation, and finalization of sperm donation and egg donation agreements from an anonymous donor or a known donor

Adoption Proceedings

Representation in court proceedings to establish parental rights after birth


Counseling clients as to their contractual rights and obligation

Whether you are potential surrogate looking to help another family, or you are seeking a surrogacy arrangement to start or grow your family, we are able to provide high-quality, confidential and trusted legal advice.  If you are looking for a surrogacy lawyer in Hawaii, please contact FCH to schedule a consultation.

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